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Lofty Ambitions

In 1933, British WWI vet Maurice Wilson hatched an unorthodox plan to reach the still-untouched summit of Everest.

Private Wojtek’s Right to Bear Arms

One of Poland’s most beloved and honored World War II veterans was not Polish at all: he was a 500-pound brown bear named Wojtek.

The Mystery Lake of the Himalayas

Nestled in a valley high in the Himalayas in northern India is a small lake named Roopkund, known locally as Mystery...

Starving for Answers

During WWII, 36 American conscientious objectors volunteered as subjects in a brutal science experiment to measure the body's response to starvation.

A Googol by Any Other Name

When inventing a name for an imaginary and/or ridiculous object or concept, the best resource is often a child. A cle...

Victory in Death

Frank Hayes must have been excited as he climbed into the saddle on 04 June 1923. While the 35-year-old horse trainer...

The Japanese Art of Self-Preservation

On the ancient Japanese Buddhist practice of self-mummification.
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