Gerry Matlack is an amateur astronomer, amateur magician, balloon artist, and a Ham Radio Operator. To support that, and his rabid video game habit, he works for a small software company in southern California doing quality assurance and product support.

In the past he’s worked as a children’s computer teacher, a window washer, a burger cook, a computer repairman, a lifeguard/swim coach, done volunteer first aid work and taught CPR/First Aid for the Red Cross, and was even a party clown for a day.

His number one rule is that you can’t stop learning new things, else the world will just pass you by.

Writing for Dang Interesting is a dream come true for him because it lets him be quirky without getting locked up in the loony bin. He’s always wanted to write, not necessarily about himself in the third person, and the people here are just so d*mn cool!